Plant-based cheese
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sandwich and wraps

October 31, 2022

Haldin creates Coconut Milk Powder (10002545) with the mission to support the growth of plant-based products as a replacement for meat and dairy. As you may already notice, the market for the meat and dairy-free products increases as people tend to have healthier and ethical lifestyles. For instance, look at the European market. About 48% of adults plan to include more plant-based food or drink in their diets. Specifically, in high-protein products such as plant-based sandwiches and wraps.

Meat and dairy substitute’s presence in typical stores at lunchtime foods remains limited. However, the activity of picking up sandwiches and wraps with plant-based cheese is increasing, especially in pre-packed sandwich products, the most popular retail lunch product choice. About 37% of UK consumers eat this product. The share of packaged sandwich and wrap launches featuring plant-based claims has significantly risen in August 2022. That means that brands are starting to answer the market needs with various plant-based substitutes.

You can answer this needs to, whether by starting to develop your vegan cheese products to support the consumer shifting lifestyle because if they prefer plants based on their lunchtime, most likely they also want it in their house. Or, if you are developing pre-packaged sandwiches and wraps, you can develop your plant-based cheese with coconut milk powder as the ingredient.

It promotes plant-based and traceability claims because our coconut milk powder is sourced directly from farmers in Indonesia, one of the leading coconut producers.

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