Zero emission initiative

We have been developing natural building blocks for more than 35 years. Since the beginning of our journey, the sustainability of natural sources has been our focus. It is the reason we build our facility at the origin to protect the planet. Therefore we can continue to provide natural products that support well-being for generations.

Our journey has reached a new chapter with a zero-emission initiative within all of our product catalogs. We start with a coffee product. Five years from now, the production of our coffee product would be zero emission, zero waste, and 100% transparency from the origin to the finished products.

We start calculating our emission inventory from two coffee production facilities to get there. We will also analyze the waste in the supply chain. This calculating and analyzing process will help us cover all the aspects considering the capacity and complexity from sourcing to production.

Once we know the number, we are going to decrease the number to zero. We will build a clean energy infrastructure and create an integrated sourcing system that will be applied to track all the information needed about our coffee. By then, the world will be able to enjoy coffee without causing damage afterward.