Organic products

Bali cocoa beans provide one of the most distinctive tastes you will ever experience. According to research in France, cocoa from Bali is considered high quality due to the unique fermentation process carried out by experts like haldin. With world-class quality, cocoa from Bali is preferred by well-known consumer goods to enter the market. Ranging from beverages, dairy, and confectionery. Haldin sees this potential way before everyone else because we engage directly with the farmers and develop the sourcing facility.

The fermentation process is what makes our cocoa product valuable. Right from the beginning, we selected pure white beans from farmers. During fermentation, our team supervises the process and makes sure fermented cocoa beans are above 80%.

The productivity of cocoa beans in Bali is another factor that makes it highly desired. Total cocoa production in Bali reached 4,849 tons annually, thanks to productive plantations surrounding the island of Bali. According to Bali Province Central Statistics Agency, Bali has 12,850 ha of total plantation with production exceeding 6,825 tons. It means cocoa productivity in Bali advanced by 772kg/ha. Therefore, we can cover the demand for high-quality cocoa products for the world market.

Now you can add a unique taste of haldin’s cocoa to your end products. It is bitter and acidic with a hint of floral notes. Explore more about our cocoa products and let us take you to Bali’s cocoa delicacy.