Product Development

Shaping Products through End-to-End Development

Our innovation center facility is a mutual network for brewing ideas through creativity and collaboration with customers to enable fast end-to-end product development. It is a space station for our research and development team to work closely with customers across diverse industries such as beverages, dairy, bakery, confectionary, seasoning, and personal care. We provide fast pacing development process from concept, and creation, to pilot for the market. This facility takes the ideas further with natural building blocks resources directly from the origin. Our expert team promotes a scientific point of view and an entrepreneurial mindset to scale up business through innovative products.

Product Application

Delivering Prove of Concept

We provide proof for customers by developing prototypes in our four application labs; cosmetics, seasoning, bakery, and beverage. With its well-equipped laboratory, it enables the team to conduct trial and pilot runs prior to the commercial batch. Food scientists and technologists in our labs are a bridge between ideas and reality, their expertise is a key to innovative products. Customers are more than welcome to visit and share ideas and thoughts about new product development to achieve unique and innovative solutions based on their needs.