Natural energy drinks to answer consumers’ interest in healthy product

November 1, 2023

Energy drink products are a solution for consumers to stay happy and sharp during daily and work tasks. Its role is even more relatable for consumers after the pandemic era, which pushed people to pay more attention to their health.

Entering the year 2023, the need for energy drinks is increasing because many offices apply to work from the office. People who previously did it at home are now starting to do their activity outside their comfortable homes.

More outdoor activity requires support from daily energy drinks with a high caffeine content to stay alert. However, they want health to have a major influence on innovation in energy drinks. According to Mintel, some sports drink brands focus more on ingredient provenance and sourcing.  

That’s why ingredients such as yerba mate are desired for natural energy with high caffeine content. This particular plant also provides a fresh and green taste so the brand can innovate and turn it into a sugar-free and no-crash energy drink that is targeted for hybrid lifestyles, whether athletes or regular 9 to 5 people who are returning to their office.

There are many opportunities brands can get with yerba mate ingredients in an energy drink area, therefore they need to start developing new products with yerba mate now.