Our partners

Takengon, Aceh Tengah is known for producing high-quality Arabica Gayo coffee based on Fairtrade system. That is why Coffee farming is a significant source of income for many people in this region. It is typically a family business, meaning all members involved in processing coffee from the plantation.

Women are involved in all stages of the coffee production process, from planting and caring for the coffee trees to harvesting and processing the coffee beans. Since coffee farming grows significantly in the Takengon region, women contribute to the family’s income by working on the farm and helping with coffee production.

Haldin sees the growing recognition of women’s role in coffee plantations, so we provided training and resources to help them improve their coffee production techniques, increase their income, and gain more control over their finances.

We invite food and beverages manufacturers to contribute. Therefore we provide coffee, fairtrade organic from farmers in Takengon.