Our partners

Bringing goodness to everyone in the supply chain is one of the values we apply at haldin. We develop, harvest, and manage supply chain from the origin to support the beekeeper’s welfare. So they can continue to provide high-quality honey that brings goodness to consumers’ products.

Our honey product comes from various beekeeper communities. Pati, and Jepara in Central Java. Kuantan Singingi Regency in Riau archipelago is on the list. We help the beekeeper’s community to maintain product quality that automatically adds more value to the raw material before we process it and create honey liquid and powder that comply with the strict regulation.

Together with our loyal customers from major players in food and beverage manufacturing, we bring impacts on beekeepers’ earnings and well-being.

Not only increasing the income of bee farmers but also increasing the awareness to protect the environment and this means carrying out the concept of increasing the economy while maintaining the function of the surrounding ecosystem in a sustainable way.

Take a part in supporting beekeepers’ wellbeing. See our honey liquid and powder product, find honey that is suitable for your needs.