Coffee, fairtrade organic

Gayo coffee is typically shade-grown and is grown using traditional farming methods. This condition develops a full body, low acidity, and a range of tastes and aromas, including notes of chocolate, caramel, and fruit. These taste and aroma characteristics are desired in consumer products. Haldin recognizes it so we provide a new product Coffee LE Arabica, Fairtrade Organic (90000762)Coffee LE Arabica, Fairtrade Organic (10003658) and Coffee Essence Arabica, Organic (10003657).

We use modern extraction technology to preserve the taste and aroma of Arabica beans into a coffee extract that has stable quality. The farming process for this product is in accordance with organic farming practices along with the Fairtrade system.

Coffee LE Arabica, Fairtrade Organic (90000762) and Coffee LE Arabica, Fairtrade Organic (10003658) have similar characteristics; roasted, caramel, and chocolate notes. The difference is Coffee LE Arabica, Fairtrade Organic (90000762) has more strong arabica coffee characteristics. Our coffee product also featured Coffee Essence Arabica, Organic (10003657) with roasted, slightly smoky, slightly caramelized notes.

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