Honey that shapes consumer’s product

Various industries have proven the quality of our honey for decades and still continue to use it on their products today. There are honey options that give the industry the freedom to formulate many application products, eventually resulting in a product that can support well-being.

The honey product in our portfolio consists of powder and liquid forms that provide sustained quality, due to good raw material, infrastructure, processing, and quality control that comply with infant formula compliances.

Many dairy brands use Honey Spray Dried (10001068 & 10002168) to shape their product by adding sweet, mealy, toasted, and caramelized characteristics. Other industries also use our honey, such as seasoning and confectionery industry uses Honey Liquid (10002142 & 10002139) and honey powder (10003000), the pharmaceutical industry uses Honey Liquid (10000932), and the beverages industry formulates their product using Honey Spray Dried (10001296).

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