Multipurpose vanilla extract

Our vanilla is a world’s quality natural product from Alor that provides a wide range of taste notes for dairy, beverage, bakery, confectionery, personal care, and seasoning applications. Each of the product’s codes has its characteristics.

Therefore we invite our consumers to engage with them and work with us to create products. These various taste characteristics are a result of the proper fermentation process applied in the early development of vanilla beans before the extraction process takes place.

The process continued to the extraction process. We conduct the extraction process in our facility. It continues with the quality assurance phase as a final stage.

Here are a few of our vanilla products worth digging into as a solution for new product development. For the ice cream application, Vanilla Liquid Extract, Single Fold (10000159) is a suitable option to add a creamy and sweet body of taste. And for the beverage application, Vanilla Powder Extract (10001176) is the one you need to explore because it has creamy and sour notes of vanilla.

Aside from the two products above, there are complete options in our vanilla category.