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Spice Up Your Coffee Breaks

With the Exotic Spices of 10-in-1 Coffee

We Provide All-In-One Products with the Shortest Time to Market

We integrate 3 different disciplines to create unique and innovative products with Indonesia’s best natural ingredients.

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Haldin sets up facilities at the origin and gathers a team of experts in research and development. The goal is to create a unique formula that adds value to all-in-one products. Partner up with us and launch your winning product.

Each Product has Its Own Story

We are storytellers for each product. The story starts from the origin. Haldin takes three steps: gathering local farmers, building a community, and creating a sustainable environment to deliver all-in-one products.


Our whole supply chain creates products in a reliable time to capture the market at the right time. For the fast-moving consumer goods industry, timing is crucial. Therefore, Haldin provides customized products with precise time to market.