Advanced Analytical Technology

February 1, 2022

Essential oil products must be proven to contain active substances according to international standards, which means needs to be analyzed correctly with suitable technology. Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry or GCMS is a powerful technology, this is the one we used in our essential oil product line. It helps us to analyze organic compounds in our essential oil, makes sure to match the international standard of quality.

GCMS has two main functions. First is the capacity to resolve such as complex mixtures or sample extracts containing hundreds of compounds, and second produce many different peaks in the gas chromatogram. Each peak generates a unique mass spectrum used for the compound identification.

Sensitive to volatile chemicals makes GCMS perfect for essential oil products for food, beverages, and the household industry. Therefore, it is detect chemicals in low concentrations and is capable to do qualitative analysis for constituent compounds.

The ability to analyze GCMS comes from a feature that enables it to tell the amount of each chemical present in an essential oil by comparing it to a standard. It makes our essential oil line of product always on the top quality.