4 points on the food trend compass

February 6, 2023

Recent SIAL Insight says something interesting about the food trend. It says that consumers’ good habits are not a one-time phenomenon caused by a pandemic, but instead become part of new lifestyle practices.

“71% of consumers have changed their behavior over the past two years, mainly towards a healthier diet (67%).” the data says. After the health factor, prioritizing local food (48%), paying attention to ingredients (37%), and respecting the environment (36%) are driving people to change their eating behavior.

To fully understand this insight, we have to go a little deeper into the 4 points that compass the food trend.

  1. Health; consumers are more health-conscious now
    There is no doubt that if we talk about health it is always about what we eat. Therefore more natural products and ingredients are the first thing that we consider when choosing products. To gain customers’ confidence, brands should highlight benefits and safety.
  2. Ethics is more relevant
    A strong trademark of a fancy name is no longer enough for the consumer if there is no relevant carbon footprint action or social impact. Ethics and responsibility are becoming more complex issues and now apply both upstream and downstream. Products need to gradually become social and environmental impact claims. This subject will become a determining factor in consumer choices, however, it must be followed with clear and tangible evidence.
  3. Satisfaction to full fill an indulgent need
    Consumers use food as a safe haven in hard times, they see it as a source of comfort and pleasure. With the tight budget, the expected products provide the premium that allows them to take the restaurant experience to their home. Although it is a difficult decision with purchasing power issues, consumers will stand for their comfort and pleasure.
  4. Digital transformation
    Food and digital connection is not a new thing, but new innovative products now bridge the fun and creativity in the digital path of the products. A dose of services and a sprinkling of relevant information are easy to access along with tips on eating better, hopefully with clear and comprehensive information.